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LM Vertical Mill

Overview of LM series Vertical Grinding Mill:

LM series vertical grinding mill is the newest grinding machine, which integrates the advanced international technology and years of mill-producing experience. Vertical mill is an ideal equipment that integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading conveyor all together.

The application of LM series Vertical Grinding Mills:

LM series vertical grinding mills can be widely used in cement making, power,metallurgy, chemical and nonmetalliferous ore industries. It is used to grind lumpy, granular and powdery materials to the required size.Specialized for the high production of superfine pyrophyllite powder making in glass fiber industry. Specialized for the high production of gangue powder making in coal industry. Specialized for the high production of various of chemical raw material powder making in the chemical industry.

Vertical mill is a necessary equipment for the high production of mineral powder in the non-mental mine industry and large scale powder making in many other industries such as cement grinding plant, quartz mining, feldspar, calcite, gypsum, limestone powder plant, dolomite grinding mill, graphite, fluorite, coal processing plant, aedelforsite, phosphate ore, etc. All the materials whose moths hardness is under 9.5 grades can be grinded.

Features and benefits of LM series Vertical Grinding Mills:

1. New design and new structure. Our mill adopts medium speed and pressure, repeated plaiting principle, and its design is unique in mill industry. The materials fall down by the force of gravity. When the materials are too hard, all the parts of rollers and ring will be worn evenly. So the capacity will not change greatly. Because of this ingenious design, when the unprintable materials, such as bolts, pig iron, etc, come into machine, they would not worn machine. Because it is unnecessary to equip with cyclone and many other pipes, small space it will take.

2. After materials are grinded by LM Vertical Mill, their physical characteristic is changed greatly and so their grind able characteristic is improved greatly. The grinded materials become irregular multiple-unit, and their inside lattice are already broken. The structure of the organization is loose, and the final sizes all have haircuts. Thus, when the materials are grinded for the second time, the machine is mainly do grinding work not crushing work, so the capacity of second grinded is improved greatly.

3. The crushing ratio of final products of LM Vertical Mill is large. So is the fineness size. When the large materials are put into LM Vertical Mill and through sculptured roller and plate, they are grinded into fineness size by rolling crush, and then they fall down into space between roller and plate, and form a material bed. Under the spring device’s pressure, rollers do numbers flexible extrusion to material bed and make them become fineness, and the result is very ideal. The fineness of final products can be adjusted. Expect producing large quantity fineness which is smaller than 100 meshes, this mill also can make materials, which have large haircuts, by numbers of grinded. The max final size is below 3mm, so it is easy for second-time grinding.

4. Long service life of easy worn parts and small quantity maintain. Depending on high speed rotation, the traditional grinding equipments do forcing-crush to materials, and the connection between easy worn parts is direct. Therefore the consumption of these parts is fast and high. Also there are large numbers of dusts. As a result, adjustment and maintenance is frequent, and speed of production is influenced. This mill's grind drove to the material bed, which located between plates and rollers, thus this avoids direct connection between roller and plate. Not only can this improve service life of easy worn parts, but also can reduce pollution to materials greatly in the grinding process.

5. This vertical grinding mill has these characteristics: good mechanical property, easy to handle, convenient maintain, lower consumption, lower working-cost, producing of both wet and dry materials; new design feature, simple structure, easy-installed equipment, lower cost of base equipment and good environmental protection.

Working principle of LM series Vertical Grinding Mill:

The motor drives the grinding table through decelerator. The materials fall down the center of grinding table from feed opening. At the same time, hot air comes into the mill from the air inlet. Due to the centrifugal force, materials move to the edge of the grinding table. The materials are pulverized by the roller when by pass of the groove on the grinding table. The crushed materials are brought up by vane high-speed airstream, the larger particles fall down to the grinding table for regrinding. When the materials in the airstream pass the separator onthe top of the mill, the coarse powder fall down the grinding table for regrinding under the function of rotation rotor. The fine powder comes out with the airstream,and is gathered by the dust catcher. The materials content with moisture will be dried when they meet the hot airstream. Through adjusting the temperature of the hot airstream, it can meet different material’s requirement, and also through adjusting seperator, it can reach proper fineness of materials.

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