Welcome to Machinery Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer in China's grinding and crushing industry. We specialize in producing stone crushers, grinding mills, a range of optional equipment, and comprehensive industrial solutions.

Leading-edge R&D team, heightened expertise in technology

Group boasts a team comprising three senior engineers and five professor-level engineers, along with a research and development design team exceeding a hundred members. This ensures comprehensive coverage in crushing and grinding machinery, meeting diverse demands in crushing, sand-making, screening, solid waste treatment, and industrial grinding needs ranging from 1 to 2500 mesh. Simultaneously, this commitment guarantees the technological advancement of equipment—enhanced efficiency, lower power consumption, and environmentally safer operations.


With a 25-year journey of expansion, products have reached 132 countries, earning the trust of our customers. We firmly believe that quality can transform the world, and our commitment remains steadfast in delivering the highest quality products as a token of gratitude to our customers. Genuine service, enduring excellence!

Vertical Cement Mill

Cement vertical mill stands as the primary and innovative processing apparatus within cement grinding facility. LM cement vertical mill embodies robustness, high grinding efficiency, and reliable operational stability.

Silica Grinding Machine

Typically, the Silica Grinding Machine pulverizes material to sizes finer than 1/4 inch, reaching particle dimensions ranging between 20 and 75 microns.

Quartz grinding mills

The quartz grinding mills are crafted from top-tier materials, displaying robust resistance to corrosion and exceptional durability against wear.